T=a+l A New Version of Me (sometime_soon) wrote,
T=a+l A New Version of Me

Make a wish...

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i like your new icon. it looks so peaceful
-closes eyes as tight as I can-

I'm wishing!!

Deleted comment

haha cool
hey i love that picture... im guessing thats you. did u get a mate to do it or a pro ?
Actually, it's not me! lol. I found it at gettyimages.com, I think I typed in "Love." I liked it:)
You know, it's something funny... I never wish. Not even figuratively.

See, I did that once and it came true the next day.

Have you ever read "The Monkey's Paw"?

I have no idea why I want to tell you that. But, I do. Eh, have a nice day. :)
Hmm, no, I've never read Monkey's paw--should I?
Yes, it's highly recommended. One of the better stories I have ever read, even though it was required reading for me. And there's even a moral to it that seems pretty universal to me (though I tend to dislike morals... er... no, wait... I mean... uh... moralizing, yah, THAT's it. LOL) ;)

Have a nice day. :)
I'll check it out, Thank you!
i found your journal through random questions... i'll add you, and if you feel like letting me into your world, you can add me back. <3
xo. madeleine.
wow, is that real? cool stuff!
.... making a wish....



November 18 2003, 17:21:19 UTC 13 years ago

Hello sweetie!<3
This is just an invitation to a new community that we think you may be interested in joining:
If you are at all interested in becoming a member, please feel free to check out the
community rules & information (http://www.livejournal.com/userinfo.bml?user=sweetest_thing_),
and if you like how it sounds..then go ahead and join!
We would love to see you there =)
If you are not interested, we're sorry to bother.
But thanks for your time ;) <3
Hi, i dont know if you saved me as a friend before but this is my new livejournal:


Same name but different spelling! There are two T's instead of one!!! Please save me as a friend!!!
can you add me??? Thanks =)
can you add me? *from the other girl who left that ridiculous community ;)*
ok here I am again. Im not sure if you'll ever read these but its worth a try.